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The Red Fury seized their biggest-ever World Cup victory at Al Thumama Stadium on the 23rd of November against Costa Rica, with the six Spanish players scoring a staggering seven goals.

For the first time, Spain won their opening game in the last four editions of the tournament. Gavi, that Barca midfielder, scratched a point as their youngest goal scorer in history.

The Spanish side crossed their 100-goal landmark in the FIFA World Cup, the countdown, which José Iraragorri started in 1934 on their first appearance against Brazil.

The Central American side seemed perplexed and withdrawn after they digested the third goal in the 31st minute. The Group E clash between the two surely ascertained Spain’s sheer domination in the upcoming games.

Luis Fernando Suárez’s team could not have had a worse nightmare than this, and psychologically it is tough to recover from it.

It was the first meet of the two sides in the World Cup. Previously, their three friendly matches left the Spanish side unbeaten. All three previous games were flooded with goals, with, on average, four goals per match.

Gabi was joining the midfielder trio Busquets and Pedri while Azpilicueta beat Carvajal to the starting lineup of the Red side. Asensio was Luis Enrique’s first choice as central forward over Morata. Los Tico’s starting eleven was certainly more aged, except winger Bennette (18y). The veteran Bryan Ruiz, who has appeared in eight World Cup matches (National record) since 2014, started from the bench initially.

The first of the seven potent goals came at eleven minutes when Danis Olmo connected Gabi’s pass outside the box to send the ball past Navas. Just after ten minutes, Asensio struck again to give La Roja a lead of 2-0. In the 29th minute, the Spanish side won a spot-kick as Alba charged Duarte. And the scoreboard went on and on.

There’s scored another in the 54th minute, and the youngest on the flank scratched a mark in the 74th minute. Soles and Morata, arriving from the reservation, enjoyed a score each with the flow going along their side. A total of seventeen shots, with eight on the spot, overwhelmed La Tico’s defenders throughout ninety minutes. The opponents would definitely anticipate the possessional football that Tiki-taka plays but like this? No one would have imagined.

Now it is clear that the 2010 champions are not here only for appearance. Indeed, La Roja’s performance has brought the attention of big sides to them. Whereas Costa Rica needs to gain momentum as another prominent side, Germany, will be waiting for them.



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| Title: Spain Thrashed Costa Rica with a 7-0 Victory
| Author: Trisita Aich
| Date: Nov 28, 2022

November 28, 2022

Spain Thrashed Costa Rica with a 7-0 Victory

The Red Fury seized their biggest-ever World Cup victory at Al Thumama Stadium on the 23rd of November against Costa Rica, with the six Spanish players […]
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