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James Cleverly, British Foreign Secretary, is facing heavy criticism for his controversial statement on LBC news.

He told the LGBT football fans of England and Wales to respect the conservative culture of the World Cup host, Qatar and to flex and comprise a little about their sexual orientation in public.

And Qatar also would relax its regulations on homosexuality for the sake of fans’ safety and enjoyment.


Afterwards, he faced backlash from LGBT communities as well as from UK officials. In the gulf country, abundant with Oil and Islamic orthodoxy, same-sex activities are prohibited and punishable by death.

Within hours, Newly appointed UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson gave a statement condemning the comment by Cleverly, saying no one who visits Qatar World Cup is expected to comprise with their sexual identity. The UK government is against endorsing the policies of Qatar. Oppositions have labeled Cleverly’s statement as ‘tone deaf’ and ‘abhorrent’.

The Scottish National Party’s deputy Westminster Leader Kristen Oswald said that Foreign Minister is asking people visiting World Cup not to be gay.

Lucy Powell, the shadow culture Secretary of the Labour party, has condemned the statement by recalling the atrocities of Qatar’s authority against the LGBT community in the past years.

MP of Liberal Democrat Layla Moran reckons it to be an event of ‘sportswash’ and UK officials attending the games should point out the human rights violations in the country. Labour’s Sir Keir and some other politicians would be missing the World Cup.

The LGBT communities engaged with FIFA had expressed their deep dissatisfaction regarding ensuring the safety of LGBT people in Qatar early this year. Some of the players have taken a courageous stand supporting the community.

English footballer Hary Kane tends to carry a OneLove rainbow-coloured armband in the World Cup, although it is not allowed by the football regulatory body FIFA. According to the norms, essential accessories of the players should not have any political, religious or personal indulgence.

In this moment of tension, veteran LGBTQ activist Peter Tatchell disclosed through a video that he was barred and interrogated by some cops while holding a one-person protest in front of Doha’s National Museum.

He was trying to seek the attention of the officials for the treatment of LGBTQ people, migrant workers and women.

England and Wales, both have entered the main rounds and will face three group-stage matches. England will be playing in Doha, Al Khor and Al Rayyan consecutively, Wales will be playing all the three at Al Rayyan.


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| Title: LGBTQ Football Fans Are Told to Be ‘Respectful’
| Author: Trisita Aich
| Date: Oct 31, 2022

October 31, 2022

LGBTQ Football Fans Are Told to Be ‘Respectful’